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We help them get started managing energy smartly

Our vision

We advise and accompany you on your way to the energy transition. Regardless of whether you have already taken initial measures, are already living green energy solutions, or are just thinking about adapting your energy supply, we have the expertise and know-how to support you in a targeted manner.

Our mission

Everyone has the right to education, free development, and personal fulfilment. A sustainable, crisis-proof energy supply is an essential building block worldwide. As an innovative partner, we accompany and develop your projects in the field of renewable energies and ensure this by means of promising information technologies in a world with improved security.

About us


We help you start managing energy smartly

ReEnCo Solutions

We advise and accompany you on your way to energy transformation. Regardless of whether you have already taken the first measurments, are already living partly green solutions or ar just thinking about adapting your energy supply, we have the expertise and know-how to support you in a targeted manner.

ReEnCo energy scheme
ReEnCo EnergySim
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Business areas of ReEnCo together with partners:

Security management

o incl. critical infrastructure

Fresh water management

o Seawater desalination

Wastewater management

o Water purification

Renewable energies

o Solar and photovoltaic

o Green Hydrogen

o Energy storage

Remote training

o Professionals with virtual reality

South-Africa Western Cape

Safety & Security

Safety & Security, (Green) Energy production to support Economic Growth and reduce unemployment in order to generate hope and a social dividend from the new Green Hydrogen Economy.

Natural Resources

Natural Resources and the foundation laid with the Green Hydrogen Corridor up the West Coast of South Africa into Namibia & Africa

Scientific research

Scientific research and skills training as well as Educational Training and development to support decentralized projects – supporting sustainable economic and social outcomes.

Why South Africa?

The rationale for our collaboration with carefully selected partners is to accelerate value creation by gaining access to prime assets, streamlining intellectual property management and leveraging high quality in-country talent. With our partners we hedge risk in projects together with our respective contacts at National, Provincial and Local Government level.


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Our partners

In cooperation with experts from science and research, education, as well as business, insights, knowledge and trends are generated in all areas of energy management

Our satisfied customers

We ask for your understanding that we are restrictive here with detailed information about customers and tools in this sensitive area, especially as this is very often “critical infrastructure” according to the standards of the EU.

If, after an initial discussion, it emerges that the solution approach at one of our customers could be of interest to you, we will endeavour to have the information released by this customer.

We help everyone who is interested to improve their climate situation sustainably.


Climate protection everywhere

The Declaration of Human Rights, is recognized and followed by us

Fairness towards all people and peoples

No human being is illegal

Every project is individual. We are happy to help.

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