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ReEnCo EnergySim

  1. 1.  Comprehensive analysis:
  2. 2.  Planning certainty:
  3. 3.  Optimisation potential:
  4. 4.  Risk mitigation:
  5. 5. Communication and collaboration:

Simulator / Simulation tool for dynamic energy systems


At a time when the transition to sustainable energy is becoming increasingly urgent, we are faced with the challenge of understanding complex energy systems and developing sustainable solutions. It is crucial to understand the interactions between different energy sources, technologies and consumption patterns in order to make informed decisions for a sustainable energy future. This is where a simulation tool can be invaluable to you.

Our simulation tool offers you the possibility to model complex energy systems and analyse the effects of different scenarios. It is based on advanced mathematical models and simulation algorithms that allow you to map the dynamics of energy consumption, the availability of different energy sources and the interactions between the individual elements of the energy system.

By using the tool, you can simulate and evaluate different energy scenarios to make informed decisions about the future energy infrastructure. For example, you can analyse the impact of the expansion of renewable energies such as solar energy or wind power on the overall energy supply of your community. Or you can simulate efficiency measures in buildings and transport and evaluate their contribution to reducing energy consumption.

Our simulation tool offers you numerous advantages:

  1. 1.  Comprehensive analysis: You can simulate different energy scenarios and evaluate the impact on energy consumption, costs, CO2 emissions and other relevant factors.
  3. 2.  Planning certainty: You can assess the long-term effects of your decisions in advance and thus develop the best strategies for achieving your energy goals.
  5. 3.  Optimisation potential: The tool allows you to adjust various parameters and maximise the efficiency of the energy systems.
  7. 4.  Risk mitigation: By identifying potential bottlenecks or vulnerabilities in your energy system, you can take action to address them and ensure security of supply.
  9. 5. Communication and collaboration: The simulation tool provides you with a visual representation of the results, enabling you to explain complex relationships more easily and promote dialogue with stakeholders.

You have the opportunity to lead the transition to a sustainable energy future. By using our services with the simulation tool, you can make informed decisions that will not only improve the long-term energy efficiency of your community, but also contribute to the global reduction of CO2 emissions.


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Together we can understand the interactions of complex energy systems and build a sustainable energy future.

Advance notice:

our ReEnCo simulator will soon go on sale as a “managed service” with planned, periodic use for public corporations to calculate an energy profile for a defined time slice.

Example: the energy profile of a hospital or a residential area, e.g. 2-4 times a year.

The “managed service” is to be understood as a full service, which means that the customer is not left alone for both the input data and the simulation models.


A clean actual representation of the user and converts the existing energy sources and reduces them into a simulation.
It displays the current cost benefit or profile.
The simulation is validated and optimized with the real data applications.

How we do it

The ReEnCo energysim solves the balances and
systems of equations, simulates possible
customer-specific dynamic
energy systems and their combinations with different target functions such as maximum profit, minimum costs,
optima space requirements or

Weight requirement …


There are still a few registered shares from the contingent of 45 % of the share capital available for sale to investors.
The issue price for a CHF 1 registered share is
emission price = 4.— CHF per share.

our Chairman of the Board

Wolf Preuster-Drews

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